What We Know About Dead Space 4

We don’t know much about Dead Space 4 yet, but there have been some rumors and leaks that give us a general idea of what to expect. The game is rumored to be set on a frozen planet, and will feature both new and returning enemies.

The most reliable source of information is a leaks from an industry insider, who has provided several details about the game. According to the leak, Dead Space 4 will be set on a frozen planet, and will feature both new and returning enemies. The game is also said to be much bigger than previous entries in the series, with multiple hub worlds to explore.

While we don’t have any official confirmation from EA or developer Visceral Games yet, these details line up with what we’ve heard from other sources. It seems likely that Dead Space 4 is indeed in development, and we’re hoping to hear more about it soon.

Is there going to be a dead space 4

Dead Space 4 is an upcoming installment in the Dead Space series. Not much is known about the game yet, but it is rumored to be set on a frozen planet. The protagonist is rumored to be Isaac Clarke, and the game is said to be more action-packed than the previous installments.

The Game’s Development

Not much is known about the development of Dead Space 4. The game was first hinted at in early 2013, when an EA job listing called for a developer with experience in “AAA” horror games. The listing also requested that applicants have experience with the Dead Space franchise, leading many to believe that a new game was in development.

In May of 2014, sources close to VG247 claimed that Dead Space 4 was not in development and had been cancelled. This was later report by Kotaku, who cited three separate sources. However, both Kotaku and VG247 later retracted their stories, claiming that their sources had been misinformed.

The only other official information about the game comes from an interview with Glen Schofield, the co-founder of Sledgehammer Games. In the interview, Schofield claimed that EA had approached Sledgehammer about developing a new Dead Space game. According to Schofield, work on the game had begun, but it was ultimately cancelled.

The Game’s Plot

It is currently unknown what the plot of Dead Space 4 will be, as no story details have been released yet. However, given the ending of Dead Space 3, it is safe to say that the game will continue the story of Isaac Clarke and his struggle against the Necromorphs. It is possible that Dead Space 4 will take place on a new planet or ship, as previous games in the series have done.

What we do know is that Dead Space 4 will be a horror game, and will likely feature similar gameplay mechanics to previous entries in the series. This means that players can expect to face off against hordes of Necromorphs, using a variety of weapons and gadgets to survive. It is also likely that Dead Space 4 will feature co-operative play like its predecessor, allowing players to team up with friends to take on the Necromorph threat.

The Game’s Release Date

Dead Space 4 is set to release on a currently unannounced date. The game was first teased back in 2013, but not much else has been said about it since then. However, given that the previous game in the series released in 2011, it’s safe to say that fans are getting impatient for any news about the next installment.


We know that Dead Space 4 is currently in development, and that’s about it. We don’t know when the game will be released, what platforms it will be released on, or what the story will be about. All we can do is speculate and wait for more information to be revealed.